Pool has always been a calculating game that can use some modernization. Playing with the same cue and balls gets boring after a while. Perhaps the best way to do that would be to bring a digital display to the table, literally. After all, everything else seems to be getting a display lately, so why not a pool table? Enter the world’s first interactive pool table, the Obscura Digital Cuelight. It’s one of a kind table that reflects light onto the table in three modes - fluid, fire and reveal. The patterns then interact with the balls as they move about the table [see video]. All this magic is in part to the self-calibrating, high brightness projector that reflects HD images in 1920x1080 resolution at 60fps. Players can also pick the image of their choice to be reflected on the table. The interactivity is more for glamor than functionality, but it’s pretty fascinating to see it in action. The Cuelight is available to see at multiple casinos in Las Vegas. It’s also available for sale on a per order basis and works with existing tables. Speaking with a sales consultant is required for accurate pricing and shipping. Have a look.

VIEW: Cuelight in photos.

WATCH: Cuelight in video.