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Thread: Need to get a hold of Cyanogenmod source

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    Default Need to get a hold of Cyanogenmod source

    Hi guys

    This is a request to any android dev/enthusiast out there to help me out. I don't see myself enduring several days of downloading, so if you've already gone through the process I'd like to acquire the git checkout of Cyanogenmod gingerbread and optionally the ics branch as well.

    The gingerbread checkout itself should be around 16GB total (it will download 8-11GB if I'm not wrong, and duplicate a few files for working and leave a pristine copy for use). I'll bring an ext hard drive to copy the stuff. For the record, I am looking forward to cook a ROM (or at least generate a compatible CWMR image) for the local Symphony brand of Android phones.

    Much appreciated!

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    I have it at my office pc. So cant help you right now
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    Great, yeah actually the timeframe would be sometime after eid. Just wanted to post this earlier

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    OK I soon realised that I could just tar up and compress the main stuff (around 4GB down to 1.5) and download that to my machine, so I used one of my projects' servers to download the 11GB worth of sources. Wish I had that kinda speeds (whopping 1.5MB/s!). Anyway bro I guess I won't be needing your help at this moment but I'll keep you tabbed!

    P.S: AOSP building is a total PITA.

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