This sounds like a game with a pretty inventive game play, or maybe unpredictable game play would be a better word.

Play as Garry, a freelance bush pilot who recently suffered the loss of his family, surviving through the amazons and its occupants, with hope for a way out as the only thing keeping you alive on this tragic day.

Using Unreal Engine 3, a trusted tool of Epic Games, at least we know that the engine and backbone of the game should be up for the challenge.

Wild Games Studio presents a brand new way to play, where you chose your path and your destiny with new game plays coming in 2 hour episodes. After you’re done playing the game, you are invited to send Wild Games Studio your suggestions of what you think should happen next, the best ideas will be rewarded and used in the next adventures.

Each Episode will be $4.99

The player stays in full control of his gaming experience:

A brand new AAA IP using the Unreal Engine 3.
Adapting to your environment will prove crucial for survival and avoiding traps.
An epic adventure that will have you surpassing yourself.
A strong storyline and fusion between the player and Garry that’s based on television series where the character's story is as important as the general history.
An ancient lost civilization with a mysterious technology left on earth centuries ago by an alien force.
A truth, revealed, will change your understanding of the world forever!

But be careful, you won’t be alone trying to survive…

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