As the title suggests I'm looking to join or open a dota 2 clan. I'm getting a little tired of playing AP/SD/RD/CM matches with pub players and I'm hoping to find players with similar interests. I started playing dota on 2007/08. Stopped playing after 2-3 years but I've been active since I've gotten a beta key for dota 2 on october. I have played 1000+ games on dota 2.

Roles I enjoy and prefer playing: Side-lane solo , Jungler, Carry , Gank-support, Initiator, Solo-mid
Roles I don't prefer playing: Micro-intensive heroes, Primary support

Frankly, I am aware that forming a team just by a thread is unrealistic but I'm hoping to find a few players to start things off and maybe play competitively someday . I can dedicate as much as 2-3 hours everyday (more some days) for practice and playing on public matchmaking to start things off.

I'm currently abroad on some work and I'll be back in Bangladesh by September.