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Thread: Vibration/Humming in Hitachi 1TB Hard Drive

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    Default Vibration/Humming in Hitachi 1TB Hard Drive

    So, my 1year old 1TB Hitachi drive (Deskstar 7K1000.C, Two platter, SATA 3Gbps) got some bad sectors last week and I sent it to Globalbrand for warranty. Today they gave me a new 1TB Drive (Deskstar 7K1000.D, Single platter, SATA 6Gbps). The overall performance is better, HDTune benchmark went maximum 190MB/s for both sequential read and write. But the drive has excess vibration. It vibrates 3times more than the other 160GB Hitachi I have. I can't compare it with the old 1TB one as I don't have it, but as I never noticed it like this before, it must've been less. The vibration of the new drive is such that my desk create audible, very smooth low pitch humming noise and I can feel the vibration on my mouse. If I put rubber pads (I tried with erasers) under my case the noise goes away but I can feel the vibration on the case body. I've talked with a friend who bought a same model HDD some days ago, and he said his one also vibrates like this. So, is this drive faulty and I should send it to warranty again (I don't know if Globalbrand will accept warranty for the vibration only, as the S.M.A.R.T is not reporting any error and the drive is working fine), or should I just damp the vibration somehow and be in peace? Anyone else having similar issues?
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