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Thread: JTAG help!!!

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    Default JTAG help!!!

    As the title suggests I am currently thinking of Jtagging my old xbox360(Falcon model). I need some information regarding the price, time it takes to jtag consoles, how to play games without discs. ( and what about games with multiple discs? e,g witcher 2, mass effect2 or forza 3,4, horizon). I really need to know where to get the job done, because the new games dont arrive often some having disc issues too.(dragon's dogma for example)I heard "Techmology" is the place to go can anyone know where their shop is any contact info would be useful. ( I heard they gave free games to members!(What does that mean, I get free games of my choice after jtagging from them?)I checked their facebook page but didnt get it. Plus I tried calling but no one answered.Please help!

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