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Thread: Any recommended ISP for Uttara?

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    Default Any recommended ISP for Uttara?

    I do a lot of downloads and streaming, so upload is also important. Of course quality MP gaming is a must. I am on link 3 and for the most part their service worked well for me, however I do get really high pings outside of singapore area, what is even weird is I get pings in EU more than US. finally Link 3 fails to connect to services like Vivox, which is a voip platform used for a lot of games, forcing me out of voice chat.

    I also kinda tried Dot internet. Their speed is very good, but uneven. Sometimes I get 8MB/s download and then suddenly drops to couple of KB/S. The gaming ping is very good, but the MP performance is really bad with lots of packet loss. I play overwatch and I was constantly teleporting at times, sometimes even stopped idle for a while and even got disconnected.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    TBH, finding a good isp in uttara is tougher than finding a needle in a haystack. I'm currently using EOL, and while they generally have decent ping in SG and EU, that is almost always accompanied by packet loss. And they currently don't have any extra value added service except BDIX.

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    what is your ping in asian server? my connection most of the time stays at 130~160 ms range. i am a noob so it is tolerable. (connection by mazeda).

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    I got Dot, it is 56ms to Singapore. What server are you referring to?

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