Red Viperz Gaming will be recruiting new StarCraft II player(s) for their roster. With the departure of RVxTheAntz and 2 inactive members due to personal problems, we have decided to pick up one or two more new members.

Benefits of joining Red Viperz gaming :

*All tournament entry fee covered for National and International tournaments.

*We provide our players with sponsored gaming peripheral as Thermaltake eSports ( is one of our sponsors.

*Team Jersey

*Players will be given salary and other benefits (Internet Connection fees, hardware etc), but to get such facilities, the player must achieve notable results and keep up a good performance.

If you are interested in joining us, send me an email to [email protected].

Email must include all Basic Details and MUST include your Race, Server and League.
Don't forget to mention about how many hours a week you spend behind StarCraft II and why you would be a good recruit for Red Viperz Gaming ?