Kickstarter: Oculus-Rift virtual reality headset seeks funding

Oculus-Rift a new virtual reality headset backed by id Software’s John Carmack has just launched a Kickstarter page.

The headset is to be developed by start-up Oculus, and the company hopes to raise $250,000 in crowd funding over at its official Kickstarter page. The initial funds will go towards creating dev kits that studios can use to support their games.

One outspoken fan of the project is id Software’s John Carmack. In fact, if you pledge $300 or more, you will bag yourself a Oculus-Rift headset with a copy of id’s Doom 3: BFG edition built-in.

Carmack is also quoted on the Oculus Kickstarter page, “What I’ve got now, is, I honestly think the best VR demo probably the world has ever seen.”

That’s not a bad endorsement.

What do you think of VR tech in gaming?Is it a fad, or do you think it could help raise immersion in games? Let us know below.