Hello members,

I am looking forward to by a new laptop very soon. My budget is around 45000tk-55000tk.
My work includes normal office work, web browsing etc.

My only preference for a laptop would be that it is light weight, small (14 inch screen) and has good enough battery life.
I tend to move a lot and prefer the laptop is small and light.

I had explored IDB and Multiplan center a couple of weeks ago, and my eyes settled on the Dell Inspiron 14z.
Product1, Product2, Product3
I have searched this forum and seen a couple of people had also bought the same notebook.

I wanted to know that at my given budget is there anything better? I don't have any preferences about manufacturers as long they make
durable products.

If there is anyone who would share their opinion regarding this notebook (if they purchased one), that would be even great.

Thanks to all in advance.