Larrabee might not have a Windows XP driver
Just Vista and Windows 7
Our sources have told us that Larrabee might not have Windows XP drivers and that the software team will only focus on Vista and Windows 7.

Since the first products will go after the professional market it's highly likely that we will see Linux driver as some of the professional guys use Linux but from what we know there might not be Windows XP driver.

Intel simply wants to move away from this operating system and invest its development time in the future, which is obviously Windows 7. The Vista driver is reality, as this operating system is gaining market share as we speak as most of the systems do come with Vista and you almost don’t have a choice to go back to Windows XP especially when you buy your PC in local retail store.

Desktop / gaming Larrabee will probably come much later after workstation simply as workstation driver is complex and hard but at the same time you only need to optimise OpenGL as this is what most of the workstation software use, while in gaming DirectX plays a much more important role.

Larrabee comes in 2H 2009


The first Larrabee will come as a workstation product, position in the high-end market and we heard that this should happen in second half of 2009. Intel wants to attack the most profitable market, which is obviously Nvidia's cash cow. Today Nvidia holds around 85 per cent of this market and both ATI and Intel want a piece of this action in 2009.

Workstation drivers are a complex thing but based on OpenGL as this is what most of the workstation application use but you still need to optimise this driver to perfection to get the desired results from it and to hope to performance leadership in this market.

Workstation market is very attractive as the margins on these products are as high as sixty percent, while when you sell a high-end graphics card you can only hope to get a fifteen percent margin. This gives you a clear idea why companies want to be the part of this lucrative market.

The desktop, gaming Larrabee comes later, in 2010.