EALA's hyperbolic installment in the Command & Conquer real-time strategy franchise broke its seven-year hiatus last week, returning in fine form on the PC and looking to make similar headway on the Xbox 360 on November 11. Absent from the proceedings, of course, is the PlayStation 3 edition of the game, which EA placed on indefinite hold in June for unspecified reasons.

PS3 owners can now take heart, however, as C&C producer David Silverman has confirmed for VideoGamer that the title is indeed still on for Sony's console.

"When we announced Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 we announced there was a PS3 version. Then we decided to go on the record and say that we've suspended it to make sure that RA3 was able to come out to the level of quality that it must adhere to to be called a C&C game," said Silverman. "We've hit that mark, we've shipped the game. And you know what that means? That means there's another version left to be had. So there's definitely people working on a PS3 version and we'll be talking more about that later."

Silverman went on to promise PS3 gamers that the wait will be worth their while, as EALA has added extra content over the Xbox 360 and PC editions of the game. "We're looking at doing some really cool things with the PS3 version," he said. "Since it is shipping later we're putting in a lot of cool content and really taking advantage of both the 1080p nature and the 'high-defness' of Blu-Ray and also the fact that it can hold just so much more space."