AMD is slowly but steadily preparing to launch its new series of GPUs for the winter season.

These GPUs will bear the HD 8000 series branding and are codenamed “Sea Islands”. Radeon HD 8000 series will obviously be faster than the current HD 7000 series. Rumors suggest that the Sea Islands GPUs will be built with TSMC 28nm manufacturing technology which is also being used for HD 7000 series but the new GPU will have 5.1 billion transistors; that’s an 18% increase over the current transistor count of 4.3 billion transistors. That is expected to bring in around 40% increase in performance over the current generation of GPUs.

Sea Islands GPUs are rumored to have 2560 stream processors, 160 texture units (TMUs), 32 or 48 ROP units (ROPs) and 384-bit wide memory interface. AMD is likely to maintain their ‘GHz’ frequencies with the upcoming GPUs too.