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Thread: Found a hacker!!!

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    Default Found a hacker!!!

    Guys, I don't know the template for posting a ban request here, but heres the thing.

    This leshrac in this game is hacking. I'm posting the replay about 5 days after I played the game but one thing I remember for sure is that at one point in the game, I was coming uphill following him and suspecting him of mh, and he actually blindstunned me while I was uphill and I dodged it. Please ban this hacker for LIFE. ban his IP if needed.

    P.S : That incident was a bit late in the game but I'm pretty sure your gonna find fog clicks early game or something...Hacker Leshrac.w3g


    Game time : 25 min - 25:40.

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    Not really, the leshrec seems completely clean to me.

    I saw it several times. He always had vision on you guys when he stunned. When you were teleporting at secret shop at top, the tp animation was visible. Any1 would stun there. Then at last at Sentinels ancient neutral you thought no ones gonna see you there. But tiny/potm actually got your vision when they came to that terrain. Even then leshrec didn't stun you from the both had a minor collision before he stunned you from downhill to uphill which missed as well.


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