ntroducing the 2017 version real arcade home console " Flashback Arcade"....Custom built to order....Body / Chasis made in BD and rest is assembled by us here in Dhaka!!!
For order/pre order please leave a msg or call us @ 01816566474 or email us @ [email protected]
Please Note - The blur graphic is due to copyright issue.

People who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s will know the true meaning.....
Nothing beats the arcades.......no Emulators.....no PS4......No x-boxes.......
Its not just a console...its a box of nostalgic memories.....!!!

Original PCB arcade version. All street fighters, all king of fighters, all fatal furies, all samurai showdowns, cadilacs and dinosaurs, all mario bros, all metal slugs, All donkey kongs, all pacmans, all mega man, x-men, all aero fighters and many many more.....815 games!!
original arcade joysticks and buttons, iron made body...with game graphics on top of the console...just plug and play and be nostalgic!!

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