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Thread: Help Loan Original US Disc for Testing Console

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    Default Help Loan Original US Disc for Testing Console

    Hey Guys

    I got a brand new set from the US (the console is new, but the version is first generation slim) which I tried to modify but the peeps here tell me that it cannot read any disc, and so the disc reader is spoilt.

    Before sending it back, I have a hunch that it may simply be a region lock (the store couldn't confirm what region their original DVD was) and so an original US PS2 DVD (game or movie) is required. If I can confirm this, I can go ahead and mod it.

    So, if a kind soul would be willing to spare such a disc I would be really grateful. It's only a matter of minutes - you will not leave the disc with me. You may come to my place, or I may come to your place with the set. I can reimburse you travel expense or an honorary 100Tk for your effort if you do choose to come, or we can have a couple of drinks and some cigarettes if you like, either way.

    I am located in Lalmatia, so Dhanmondi area would be best. Reply here or PM if you'd like to help. Thanks!

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    You can just go to ''rifle squre'' or ''bashundhara city''.they might have the disk,i don't think that nobody here owns an original disk! so just go to good modders,they will mod your PS2
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    Forgot to update this. Yeah I went to Rifles Square first but the guy said the optical reader was damaged. I'm so glad I didn't let him "fix" it, coz then I went to Rapa Plaza and they didn't find any problem and they had original discs to test. Got it modded, finally

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