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Thread: molten connection guide req..

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    Question molten connection guide req..

    hi guies. i've already made a molten acc but cant log in. i need help. can anyone help me on that?

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    what problem? do u get stuck at success or soemthin etc etc?

    bit detail on why u cant log in or how u cant plz. only then we can help u, or me atm

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    log in with user name not email id................1st advise for noobs

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    1. make sure that u have the game patched up to the molten patch. the patch must match.
    2. use wow.exe not launcher.exe
    3. Read the post above.

    Its just [EB]. Not Elite B[a]stard or anything like that.

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    thnx kabir_sharif2000. that was the patch version proablem. i got patch 4.3.4,, but i need patch 4.0.2.
    do u guies know any short-cut rather than downloading the whole game again?

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