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Thread: Frequent disconnections

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    Default Frequent disconnections

    for the last 1 week or so i'm facing frequent disconnections in my line. so i contacted emem first. they came up with a solution that since my modem is beside my woofer so electromagnetic waves are the source of problem. removed modem from that place & for 2-3 days the situation was better but not significant improvement. and after 3 days the problem even worsened. so i contacted them yesterday. and yet no solutions. they are supposed to send someone tomorrow. any idea of what might be the problem here? telephone line is ok.

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    its a very common problem and usually there is no easy solution. This is most probably happening because u live far away from the telephone exchange and ur line attenuation is very high. I often also get disconnected. If possible pls check ur line attenuation and search google for the ideal attenuation, if urs is within the usable limit then the modem is faulty.

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