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Thread: Selling PS3(latest firmware)

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    Default Selling PS3(latest firmware)

    ps3 version: latest(not sure, i jt update it) for online play

    the console has 160gb hardrive or so it shows.
    the ps3 and all of its wires and controller are from uk.
    its is top condition and no damage to hardware.

    all of the sell offer include the controller+all the necessary wires needed to connect ps3 with TV and so on.

    ps3 with all the games=25k(fifa 10 free)

    the following 5 game i have:
    dynasty warriors 7
    dynasty warriors strike force
    need for speed shift
    tomb raider trilogy(with codes for online bonus)
    deus ex:human revolution(with codes for online bonus+bonus weapon package code)

    i can download online demo if u're net is slow to download them. considering offer from buyers.
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    moved to proper section.

    Added prefix and edited title.
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    thank u. should've done tht

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    updated. need to sell

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