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Thread: Club 3 Promo Tournament [Defense Of The Ancients]

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    Post Club 3 Promo Tournament [Defense Of The Ancients]

    General Game Rules

    Competition format: 5v5 Teams

    Match winner: The team who destroys the opponent’s Throne / World Tree first, or the team who’s opponent surrenders

    There are two brackets in this tournament a Amateur followed by a Professional bracket. 7 professional teams consisting of the best DOTA players of Bangladesh are invited by c3 Management to participate in the Professional bracket of the tournament.

    On the other hand, with basically no good teams left to compete a complete amateur tourney will take place. Amateur teams might take only one decent or semi-pro player so that the team is provided with proper guidance and captaincy. After the amateur bracket is done over with, THE CHAMPION of the amateur bracket will receive a priceless experience. They will be trained by the best DOTA team of Bangladesh (Team SP) for the next 3 months with other significant rewards including BDT 3000tk.

    Accordingly, the champion from the amateur bracket will join the rest 7 professional teams in the professional bracket for the final tourney to take place. This Dota Tournament is promised to be the best Gaming Experience ever found in BD esp for DOTA Gamers...........

    Game Settings

    Version: 6.74c

    Drafting mode: Captains Mode (-cm)

    Game Speed: Fast

    Item Restrictions: None

    Coin Toss

    Winner: Selects Sentinel / Scourge

    Important Rules

    1. Team members are not allowed to change seats once the DOTA map has started to load.

    2. Backdooring is allowed.

    3. Sharing of items is allowed as long as the game permits.

    4 . Control Sharing is allowed

    Definition of Bugs

    Anything abnormal which will give a competitor / team an unfair advantage

    Anything which will cause interruption / fatal error to the game


    1. Warning: After a warning was given the game goes on. If there warnings are accumulated by the team during the match the team will be disqualified from the tournament

    2. Game Loss: Game loss given to a team means that the team will automatically lose the game irrelevantly of the actual match result if such took place

    3. Disqualifications: A team disqualification will lead to the team being ejected from the tournament. They will not be allowed to take part in the current event

    Intentional Disconnections

    Any competitor found to have intentionally disconnected from the game will give that competitor’s team a loss for that match


    OR CONTACT ANY OF THESE NUMBERS : 01677249137 , 01676831592 , 01675493127
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