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Thread: Water crisis in Shamoly

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    Default Water crisis in Shamoly

    Water problem started in P.C.Culture,Shamoly in first week of March.First it began with rock,mud,sand coming with water and blocking the main pipe of the building.I heard it happened because of Mirpur road was cut to place some new pipes.Slowly it got very bad.In this month road was cut and pipes were washed.After that 7-10 days was very good like normal.Some days ago it started again and now there's no water for over 27 hours from yesterday to today.Heard the old pump in the park maath is being replaced with a new one.Is that replacement causing this trouble,it's untolerable. Does anyone living in Shamoly or P.C.Culture having this problem and know about it,please please tell us anything you know about it.

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    Well, it was very bad a few days ago.We could have water only once in a day.But its getting better now.We don't have water full day but most of the day.I live in ring road.Though we don't have normal line.So,our water,electric and gas line is different from others.
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