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Thread: how to connect ps3 with qubee

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    Default how to connect ps3 with qubee

    ps3 qb er sathe connect krote hole gigaset better na tower better ? gigaset kinle extra wifi router lagbe ? Tower kine jsut plug and play kore easily khela jabe ? konta beshi easy and cheap ?

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    I once used qubee to play online with my ps3, but i now use btcl(which is better than qubee).
    I used to use the tower modem and also wired my connection because wired connection is better but if u are only going to use ur qubee with ur ps3 than buy gigaset or if u require wifi than u can get tower. Gigaset is cheaper than tower.
    Either way i advise u to wire u connection from ps3 to ur router, and also if u havent gotten the connection yet i would suggest u go for link3 or if not than BTCL adsl.

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