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Thread: WoW Jokes. :)

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    Default WoW Jokes. :)

    Why don’t warriors get a +intellect enchant for their weapons?
    Coz they don’t want their weapons to be smarter than they are!!

    Knock Knock.
    Who's There?
    A gnome, I can't reach the doorbell.

    Dwarf Male : i don’t drink anymore, course i don’t drink any less either.

    Yo momma so fat, even chuck Norris couldn’t carry her through ICC.

    I fought and defeated him, and your heart dropped but my inventory was full

    Why didn't Illidan eat his lunch?

    An orc, a troll, and a tauren are walking through Duskwallow Marsh when they are captured by Alliance troops.
    They are brought before the General to receive their punishment.
    "You are all going to receive 20 lashes for your trespasses. However, you are allowed something to help ease your pain." said the General.
    the orc went first and asked that a pillow be tied to his back. the pillow lasted for 10 lashes then shredded and the orc was forced to suffer 10 lashes.
    the toll went next, he asked that two pillows be tied to his back and he got away without a scratch.
    finally the tauren went. he looked at the orc and then the troll and said, "tie the troll to my back."

    Its just [EB]. Not Elite B[a]stard or anything like that.

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    panda general: we have located sargeras

    thrall: really? thats gr8 news, we need the help of humans to kill sargeras once and for all

    panda general: ok

    "later at the central hospital"

    thrall: why are we here?

    Arthas: thats what i should be asking. they havent managed to find a cure for the lich king have they by chance?

    panda general: come this way.

    "forth floor, room 232"

    panda general: you see, though sargeras replaced his eyes with orbs to see all, he forgot to read the warning on the back of the package when he bought it from argos. it said, can only see all in azeroth.

    thrall & arthas: ?

    panda general: so when he woke up from bed next day, he fell frm the stairs and broke his legs
    here, take a look yourself

    "​ sargeras on wheel chair drinking ssoup"

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