I have a very old LG HDTV from 2010. The model number is 32LD320-ZA.

Since today my TV's HDMI 2 port is refusing to receive a signal from whatever is connected to that port. This TV only has two HDMI ports and I have both my PS4 and Bengal Digital set top box connected to each of the ports. The TV detects something is connected to the port, since it lets me select the input, but it just says Connecting then No Signal.

Before this started happening by Bengal Digital connected to the HDMI 2 port was faulty. This happened when the electricity went off for 2 mins, but I wasn't watching the TV at that time. It was refusing to output any HDMI at all. However my TV's HDMI 2 port was still functional as it was detecting my PS4. But when the dish guys came to change the box some really weird effects happened on the HDMI 2 port and now it stopped functioning completely. So now, only the HDMI 1 port works. I must say the Bengal STB is of very low quality.

I checked the port to see if it's damaged and it looks fine to me. So what could be the problem?