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Thread: Facebook Game Crime City [Online Game Review]

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    Lightbulb Facebook Game Crime City [Online Game Review]

    Most of us playing game online, This is facebook game by Funzio game company.

    Crime City requires much more interaction and you’re actually in the game not just clicking text.
    In Crime City you can actually move around various city locations and do crime related jobs. Your character can perform missions for coins and items. The game also allows you to design your own “hood which is your own city area. Players can recruit their friends to be a part of their mafia (max 500 mafia) and together harder missions can be completed. It’s a must for you to visit your mafia daily and protect some of their buildings where u can earn 20 energy, 1 Steel n 100 money from single mafia. Maximum 25 mafia a day and before visiting make sure your energy bar is not full.
    In your hood you can place different structures from the STORES such as apartment buildings, a parking garage, a steel factory, sports court and so on. These specialized building require parts such as paint, block, truck,etc. to be sent to you from your mafia or you can use Facebook credits to purchase the items. These structures will generate money, energy, steel, boost, xp etc for you. Some of them will allow you to run a “racket” and generate slowly over time. All buildings can be upgraded to increase the cash flow, more steel n more energy for your mafia. Decorations are also available in your hood such as trees, flowers, bench, traffic signal, statues, bus stop and other items. You can expand your hood to higher levels.

    Other mafia can visit your hood and attempt to steal from you or even fight you for coins and what is called respect. You can also visit your rivals and attempt to steal from their hood or battle the hood owner. You’ll need to be sure you have the best weapons, armor and a good size mafia before you attempt this but you can pick through the list and find someone below your level. When you win, you’ll get respect chips, which are used in the game store to purchase items. You can view the newspaper, see who has attacked you, and retaliate if you want to.

    On the game map you can select various city areas to visit and do crimes. You can randomly do crimes or you can do the missions or Quests located on the left menu. Some quests will be quite difficult and you’ll need Facebook friends or a very powerful character to complete them. As you play you’ll spend energy points each time you do a crime. Your character will earn money, energy points and some collections .As you play you’ll unlock new areas to visit and do crimes but these will require more mafia members and skills to complete successfully. You can also go back and play lower level areas of the city if you need some quick cash. Each area will also feature a boss characters and some mission will ask you to defeat these characters. All areas, arena and boss you have to complete it to level 5.
    Crime City is always changing and adding more material. This is one of the best alternative mafia style games and worth playing.

    Player Review
    Me Seak Sezar playing this game from nearly 1 year and really i am addicted to this.
    Crime City have 1,300,000 monthly active users.

    Even i made some video for this game and i have been rewarded from game developers

    Play Game


    Game Helping Group
    (indeed for more information)

    Supported Devices
    Mozilla, Safari, Explorer, Ipad, Iphone, Android etc.
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    i think gameloft has a game with the exact title for iOS.

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    it can be but i am not sure.

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    looks preety good.i will try that one.

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