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Thread: wtf i am hacker..!!! (part 2)

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    Angry wtf i am hacker..!!! (part 2)

    While i was playing today in a game i player named DsP.GraveWalker called me a hacker at the first of the game..
    And at the end of the game he again called me a hacker
    I urged him to save the replay.In fact i play a lot in tht host he said tht he had no time to chk the replay..
    He also added tht he dnt wanna prove it nd he khows it......
    I have also attach the replay..
    I request CVP to take necessary actions against these types of players who call other people hacker without any proof....
    plz watch the replay n if i am a hacker plzz ban me.....
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    Dude, there'll always be sourpussess that can't accept defeat! Get a move on and don't let ppl like him bother you.

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