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Thread: wtf i am hacker..!!!

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    Angry wtf i am hacker..!!!

    today while i was playing in gg when my frnd came then i was making him angry jst for fun, make him angry i was doin 'O_O' i did this 2 tyms with space so tht garena wont think of it as spam then suddenly sum1 popped out of nowhere nd told me tht i was was using hacks..i use garena classic n was doing tht with space..n then he asked me which version of gm i use?...
    PEOPLE should respect oder plyrs n they shouldn't do trash talk if um a hacker then prove it n ban me
    pure guessing er upore comment nah korai better...
    This is currently the biggest problem in gg...if you play good in a game then ur a hacker...
    Note tht i am playing dota for more than 1 .5 years i regularly play in cafes my old id wasiprO100

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    don't worry about people calling people hackers.
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