Want to create stunning presentations? Do you love the results you get with Microsoft Power Points? Slide Rocket is a little more impressive than most common presentation apps. While Microsoft PowerPoint slides have really served the business world for many years, Slide Rocket is already revolutionizing digital presentation and collaboration for businesses with the power of the Internet. It lets you create awesome presentations, manage them, share them and then monitor results – all via it’s web-based interface.

On Slide Rocket, you can import and edit existing PowerPoint or Google presentations. It doesn’t matter whether you using a mobile device or computer, Slide Rocket delivers the same rich experience across different platforms. The app provides an impressive set of tools for slide design which include several themes, layouts, charts, shapes and pictures as well as audio, video and flash integration. The power of sharing, collaboration and integration brought by the Internet makes Slide Rocket a unique platform for creating presentations.

Getting Started With Slide Rocket
Now that you are ready to create a rich presentation, let’s quickly run through the process of creating presentations with Slide Rocket and the tools that are available to you.

1. First Sign Up with Slide Rocket
Go to the website of Slide Rocket, and sign up. On the homepage, click on the yellow button on your right hand side labeled “Sign up now”.

On the following page, you will be prompted to choose the plan that suits you. To use Slide Rocket free of charge, select the Lite plan. Click on the orange button below the first box labeled “Lite” to choose this plan.

The “Lite” plan will grant you access to Slide Rocket basic library and powerful tools as well as online and mobile interfaces. After selecting a plan, you can now create an account. On the next page, enter your correct email address and a password for Slide Rocket, and click on the orange button labeled “Create my account”.

2. Login to Slide Rocket to See Your Dashboard
On the next page, select “Login now” to get to your dashboard.

On the following page, enter your email address and the password you registered with, and click on “Login”.

Next time you visit Slide Rocket, you will have to login with the same details. Wait for the app to fully load. Then, you will be shown a welcome screen. Check the box before the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and click on “Ok” to agree to their policies.

The next page is your dashboard. Here’s how a new dashboard will look:

Here, you have to decide how you want to create your presentation. You have the option to create a completely new slide or import a slide presentation from PowerPoint or Google Doc.

If you are not sure of how you want your presentation to look, click on “Get Inspiration” at the top of your dashboard to see some other great presentations for inspiration.

3. Use Slide Rocket Intuitive Tools to Create Your Presentation
To create a new slide, select “New” with the “+” sign at the top left hand side of the page.

On the next page, enter a name for the presentation and select a theme e.g. white, black, chalkboard and so on. You can also change the dimensions of your presentation at the lower part of the page.

Click “Ok” to move to the next page where you can use Slide Rocket intuitive tools to create awesome presentations. Here’s how the page looks:

Here’s a closer view of the tools you will be using.

Note that with “1” above, at the left hand side of the page, you can choose tools to add texts, audios, charts, pictures, videos and so on. With “2” above, at the right hand side of the page, you can change the font of your texts, add effects, colors, strokes etc and to your presentation, and control many other properties. With “3” above, at the bottom of the page, you can create new pages for your slide, check into your library to locate items you have used in the past, and also preview your current presentation.

When you finish designing your presentation, select “Preview” at the lower left hand corner of that page to see your new presentation.

The “Preview Page” reveals a full page presentation. You can move to the next slides or return to previous slides with the arrows at the left hand side below the preview. After seeing your presentation, select “Close Preview” at the right hand side to return to the tools page in order to edit, publish, save or export your slide.

To publish your slide, click on “Share” and then “Publish” at the top of the Tools page.

You will be prompted to save changes, select “Yes”.

On the next page, you will see a whole lot of things you can do with your slide e.g.share, collaborate, analytics etc.

To embed the slide on your site, click “Get Embed Code”. On the following page, select the size you want and check “Show Border” if you want the slide to be bounded in a frame.

That’s it. Creating a great presentation with Slide Rocket is as easy as that.

4. Caution
Slide Rocket is an Internet-based application. So, avoid disconnecting your Internet while creating slides. Ensure you save your presentation if you have to disconnect your Internet in the middle of creating a presentation.

Creating awesome presentations is now easier than many people think. With Slide Rocket, you will be using the power of the Internet to create media-rich slides that beat the imagination. Impressively, the free plan lets you create great slides with full set of tools.Any experience with Slide Rocket? Let us know how you feel in the comments.