There appears to be a large range of reviews out there and I think that is simply a result of the multiple paths working to various degrees, along with a diverse set of expectations for this game that largely go unfulfilled.

I'll start with my "rose-colored glasses" wishes for this game. The idea of being able to play as Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Black Cat, Black Widow, and some of the other under-utilized characters in the Marvel Universe was the main reason I was willing to pony-up for yet another Spider-Man game. Friend or Foe, for all its failings, at least let you play as the other characters. I hoped this was going to be an amalgam of the earlier SM games (SM2 and Ultimate SM) with the addition of a better cast of usable characters. Unfortunately, The additional characters, though cool in concept, are nothing but window dressing.

Game play is a mixed blessing in that there is an ease of use that my nine year-old can appreciate, as well as the much touted aerial combat aspects (AWESOME!). Countering those positives is a complete lack of feeling in control and the inability to utilize the skills of your allies (or even being able to call the one you want).

The primary issue is "Glitch Glitch Glitch". The screen will routinely freeze up, characters get stuck in the walls, the buttons will not respond to your commands, and depending on the options you choose, there are points where you can't continue at all (Wolverine at the hospital). The biggest piece of advise I can offer is to save often using multiple slots if/when you are able to save at all. (As I write this, my son is in the other room screaming "why does this game keep locking up")

There are many pros and cons that have been widely addressed so I am not going to offer my thoughts on regurgitated things like the better swing mechanics or the EXTREMELY repetitive nature of task completion.

Bottom line: There is a lot to like about this game, but definitely approach with a "your mileage may vary" open-mindedness.

i give it 7.5/10