According to Motorola's Ice Cream Sandwich software update schedule, the GSM version of the RAZR is bound to get the desired Android update package anymoment now. But as it happens, one happy RAZRowner in Greece got the official ICS update earlierthan everyone else. It all happened when the RAZR owner in question had aproblem with his device and brought it to Greek carrierCellcom's customer care center. When he collected it, hegot a notification, and his smartphone updated toAndroid 4.0.4. When asked if Greece is about to get the over-the-air ICS update, both Motorola and Cellcome responded negatively. Perhaps the guys in thecustomer care center flashed some of their internal testing ROMs, by mistake. This wouldsuggest that even though the update isn't official just yet, it's already undergoing testingand it should become available soon. As seen from the screenshot on the left, the firmware version has been named"EMEA" (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) meaning plenty of RAZR owners shouldbe receiving good news soon.