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Thread: how to finish HOO

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    Default how to finish HOO

    how do i finish hall of origination? the first boss if kinda tricky with the druid requirement.

    the the next for 4 on 4 sides is kinda confusing. and i nvr finished it cuz team all left

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    well, u need 4 others who know exactly what to do and this is doable.

    i know boss specific tactics but the thing is i dont know the boss's names :S i just know how they look and what i must do to kill them.

    like, there is a boss who has 4 big adds guarding him. you have to kill them before engaging the boss.But the thing is, each of these 4 will be split into 4 more once killed.

    so, you have to mark the one which dies first, then it will split into 4 more, but this time they will be smaller in size, so u can easily distinguish them. Kill smaller ones one by one.

    just Youtube the whole thing man. this is one of those 4 hours HC, and u need hard CC plus good dps.

    Its just [EB]. Not Elite B[a]stard or anything like that.

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    lol late post. i already finished it..

    sometimes i just hate to tank

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