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Thread: Legal XBOX LIVE users PLZ HELP ME

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    Default Legal XBOX LIVE users PLZ HELP ME

    `I've bought an xbox 360 slim today. I want to connect with xbox live.[i have an 12 month godl membership card] Since bangladesh is not listed which one should i choose ? india or UK or Australia ? My xbox is from uk , all the games are from uk, godl membership card is also from uk. so if i choose uk will this be a problem ? i googled a lot but found nothing helpful. many complain that they get error during sign up using fake country . but i see u guys playing on live. So plz help me this will be a lot to me. Is it possible to download dlc of mw3 from bd ? call of duty player / battlefield xbox live player ra plz plz help koro. R UK country dle ki uk server e connect korte jhamela hobe i mean high ping ? or should i choose india as it is closer/ Plz guys help..sorry for long post. Just think in what position i am. i have new xbox and 12 month gold card but can do nothing :'(

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    i'm sorry let me make myself more clear to you. main question kon country select korle better smooth vabe multiplayer khelte parbo ? ami dlc download e khub ekta interested na..ami sudhu online e khelte chai low/medium ping e. fps player ra helo krole better hoi . plz just help me out i'm dying now

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    i selected i play form wont matter on game like they will find you match suited for your ping...i saw on gears of war 3 multiplayer that was showing player available in my region...some set up their account uk ..some billing information you will need address choose yourself

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