# Open COD4 Directory & update punkbuster first or go here.
# Launch iw3mp.exe & open console by clicking ` button.
# Write "\connect" & log in to server, let download the promod files & play.

Direct Server IP:
2. (8pm - 1am)

Server General Time: 12pm-01am


Prohibited contents result to an warning then kick/ban:
1. Slang, Hack & Abuse.
2. Unexpected Bad Comment.
3. Bad behavior.
4. Unexpected kick or bad usage of rcon. (For AE members)
5. Bad ID.
6. AFK for 5min.

1. For any high ping experiences/lag of one or two persons, can not be blamed to host.
2. Don't create hesitated situation for sniper. Show the patience & don't interfere by taking the sniper that belongs to other player.
3. This is a public server. If you have any complain then post in facebook group instead of acting in game. Complaints on individuals are suggested to post in group with suitable ID.