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Thread: Where can i find AION??

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    Default Where can i find AION??

    I want to play AION. but my uber speed net ( 32 KB/s max) will take like a week or may be months considering the load-sheddings. Couldn't find any torrent for 3.0 and can not access TorrentBD to use their torrent. Now my question, is there by any chance i can find it in any CD shop like i found Shaiya(or was it shayla)?

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    bhaiya ki thread check koren naki amnei banachen mojar jonno?

    there r 2 other threads read!!!

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    I read both of them then i posted this one ^_^

    ami ask korsi kono shop e pawar jabe naki shaiya er moto. Coz amar dl speed matro 32 KB/s. Plus kono torrent link o paitesi na. Tai post disilam. oi thread gulate 3 ta link silo. direct download ta v1.9 something i think... piratebay er ta 2.7 er link but oita ekta private server er AION, NClauncher diye abar repair kora lagbe download er por. 3rd je link silo AION 3.0 er oita torrentBD er... oikhane amar acc nai so oi torrent link o use korte partesi na. aijonne r kono source ase naki janar jonno ai post disilam.

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    lol where do u live?

    u cnt buy it anywhere cuz its not tht big of a size compared to WoW.

    i have the full game. i think anik bhai is the only other person here who has aion upto date. but there can be others. there is always file sharing haha

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    I playing Aion since 2009 constantly and now AION is free ot play on NA i got 3.0 and i cant find any link to download the whole client so i cant upload the installer

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    installer? its frm aion website.

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