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Thread: what you should do when someone of the other factions bugs you(LOLi)

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    Default what you should do when someone of the other factions bugs you(LOLi)

    lets assume you're a player going about your lvling and imagining urself powerfull and all.. then suddenly a higher lvl player comes up and kills u. here's what you do

    option 1: if the lvl of ur killer isnt too different, then u go spam stuns and skill and get his/her lvl very low, at this point if ur hp is low, stun the player and make a run for it. ur hp is still high then finish em off. if u ran away,then heal up and come back again, do the same and piss him/her off. they'll leave the place soon enough..
    if u killed the player, they'll come back for revenge. so stay in tht area near the corpse and do a bit of pve. then whn teh player atks, (assuming ur a paladin) u act all surprised and try to spam him,and whn ur life near end, instant heal urself and kill them again.. if u continue this a few times, if the player u killed is ally, they're sure to bring like a big back up( trust me happened to me and the human brought an entire guild). and it might be big or small. in this case, u run away after the 3rd kill and come back after an hour if he/she is still there and kill the player and take off again.. tht'll rlly piss em off hehe

    option 2: if the lvl difference is too high, then go to ur alt. if no one knws ur alt, then u put a huge price like lets say 10k gold price on tht player's head and give location he was last spoted. give a "serious!" with tht. then u log off and go back to ur player.. though players may not take it seriously, but i've seen it, tht area will be somewht filled with ur faction searching. i used this method but on my guild and actually paid them cuz they're friends in a way but dun need to pay if strangers in sort.

    option 3:lets say the player is overgeared but close to ur lvl.. if u hve friend then keep a good range from that player and let ur friend atk and stun the player if they try to escape.. if u dun hve tht good friends then wht u do is simple,lure him to a powerfull boss ur sure he/she can't kill. if u hve hide, then hide, if u hve any stun,then stun both boss and layer and get the heck outta here b4 stun wears off.. its quite funny whn it works and the player will get rage and find u and waste their time for quite a while

    share ur ideas if u hve and remember, this si jst for fun, no funny business or crap talk on this thread

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    'This just for fun, no funny business' !!?! lmao . . .

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    first of all, no one bugs a Paladin if the level difference isnt huge. Coz Paladins are OP at lower levels.

    and second, no one gives a sheat if u offer 10k for this sorts of reasons.

    I never call any of my guildies all the way out to Tanaris/silithus/STV just coz i am getting my arse owned. Its a disgrace to start with. I would rather hide the fact to be honest.

    I do call close friends, but mostly the other hordies in that area for help. If i cant do anything about it, i log back to my 80 alliance toon and ask him politely to leave me alone.

    If that doesnt work, i just log of and do real life stuffs. just dont give a ¤¤¤ about some moron that much.

    I prefer leveling at off peak hours, so the areas are not crowded. at peak i try and level my professions and do a bit of Auction House. But mostly i chit chat and do a few dungeon runs.

    Plus there is always BG. If u do 5 BGs while that moron keeps PvPing hordies, u can out level him in no time.

    Its just [EB]. Not Elite B[a]stard or anything like that.

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    u r no fun!!!

    i tried asking nicely with my alt toon, they nvr listen. either puts me on ignore or jst says STFO. i either do the 3 options abv well most of the time i jst go to my highest lvl alt and pull the hair of tht a**hole who pk'ed me and bash his/her head till they stop evn coming near tht area.

    dun ruin the fun bhaiya

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    I just log on my main and gank'em. If they 'out-gear' me i just bring in a guildie then camp that SOB for awhile till they get the point . But mostly, dont bother if they gank your lowbie once or twice. React only if they start camping you.

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    lol... they bugged me too much, to i did all that+more.

    i usually dont do anything if they kill me once.

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