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Thread: xbox 360 slim?

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    Smile xbox 360 slim?

    hello vaiara,
    ami saad..amar ekta ps2 ase but ami ekta xbox 360 slim kenar kotha chinta korsilam.kintu ei site ta browse kore ektu cofuse hoye gelam..kine jodi pirated game na khelte pari,ta hole to problem...what should i do?bd te mone hoy ekhono slim mod kora jay na,only phat.
    so i just want to know,ami ekhon ki korbo..need solutions...

    thanks :)

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    The Xbox 360 Slim is the latest offering from these gaming giants. This console is now very similar in size to the Sony PS3 Slim. Also, The 3D experience take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

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    Dont buy a xbox and if can afford go for ps3 and paly originals. if you modd yur 360 after buying then goto here you can find a real enginieer he modds in his home,, and i am tell ing from my personal experince never go to shops.....


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