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Thread: need help abt phat console

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    Default need help abt phat console

    amar console arcade, jasper 2010, Lt 2 kora hoese... but problem hosse... recently Lt 2 games dvd dile unsupported disk dekhie error disse.... aita ki dhoroner problem kau ki bolte parben. Even COD 3 shompurno khelar por abar khelte gele ai porb dakhasse.. aita ki dvd lense er problem na ki onno kisu, amar 120gb hdd ase but install o korte parsi na. a muhurte ki kora jete pare urgently kau janan plz.....

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    simple way to fix that is...update ur xbox360 to LT 3.0. But u will not be able to play any older games like COD3, BATMAN ARKHAM CITY, GOW3, BATTLEFIELD. though u can play all the latest games

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