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Thread: Stanlii Maphack? Or Name Spoofer?

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    Default Stanlii Maphack? Or Name Spoofer?

    In replay you can see the most obvious maphacker since noubkeeper. But I believe that stanlii could not do this and that this was a name spoofer (there was no stanlii in garena). Bengalis don't care about ppl ruining their own things tho so idk. I'm banned or hated by most so gg DotA 1. I'm retired.

    Also, CvP I don't know how you store the passwords in this site (I'm guessing plaintext), but I believe that every password on this site is thoroughly compromised. My Blizz account and gmail were hacked into literally days after making an account here with a common username and password.

    After some time in this country I understand why Bangladesh is the way it is and how (but not why) Bengalis do things do ¤¤¤¤ over themselves and each other.


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    You can guess and believe all you like. That doesn't make something true.

    Also, we have very less % of hackers in the room compared to others. So shut it.
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