Hello guys,
I live in Dhaka.I am really newb in psp because I never used it before. and I am interested on buying one but before I buy one from market I would like to know few stuff if you know my question's answer then please kindly reply.

1. I like the PSP 3000 Black Slim, From where I can possibly buy it in dhaka and How much it can cost me?.
2. How do I know if the psp 3000 Black slim. I am buying is fake or not?.
3. If I buy a psp 3000 here can I use external memory card for playing game digitally without UMD?.
4. The psp 3000 which get sells in here are they cracked/hacked for running any games?. If not then how can I modify it?. ( any tips)
5. What type of memory Card Pro Duo (I mean brand eg: sony, sandisk....) I can buy for using in my psp 3000?.
6. Can I buy a original 16-32 GB memory card pro duo from market?. and How much it can cost me?. (fake one is very slow on file transfer that is what I have heard.)

Kindly please help me out, I am looking to buy one in this week. Thank you!!!