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Thread: Microcontroller programing using top 2005+

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    Default Microcontroller programing using top 2005+

    hy, i need some help in a microcontroller programing. i have recently brought a top 2005+ universal progamer and programed a pic 16F877a to blink a LED (after 1 sec pulseting).the code is :

    void main()



    so there is no wrong in the code. i m facing problem with the loader maybe. do you have any idea how use top 2005+. the product is chinise.and i m using topwin 5.02 to load program.(only fo xp,couldn't find for win 7) please some help to understand how use topwin (specialy the process and configuration setting).

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    u should try microcontroller programming forums by searching in google. i have some experience using an ATMega8 microcontroller and i've found searching around the forums very useful.

    i wish i could help with the loader, but the loaders i used were home-made and required no 'configuration'.

    i don't know much about pic microcontroller programming, but i think u should initiate the port D for output first, then output a value to the port.
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    Hi there; old thread I know.
    But just wanted to mention, that TopWin6 can be downloaded here:
    It runs on Win7.

    If you're into burning EPROMs, you can also check out my little project u2Pa:
    Blogpost about the project here:

    Have fun };-P

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