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Thread: Xbox 360 or pc???

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    massive multiplayer online bro... online multi player on another term...

    why play a stand alone game when u can play on an online game where u get to kill other players from around the world

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    i thought ud knw since xbox live would be meaningless if games could not be played online...

    certain games like dmc and others r games tht cannot be played online.. i wish it would though hehe..

    hope u got it
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      • HITACHI 500 GB
      • Graphics Card:
      • Sapphire HD 7770 GDDR5 01 GB Overclock Edition
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      • 1366 x 768 (64 bit)
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      • Realtek HD Audio output
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      • Speakers: Microlab. Headphones: Cosonic
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      • A4 TECH
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      • A4 TECH
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      • Thermaltake Litepower 650W Black Edition
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      • Power Sonic
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      • Windows 7 (Ultimate)
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      • I have upgraded my old PC of 2007. I'm pretty satisfied with my rig now :D

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    A thread like I posted whether I should buy a PC or PS3 I learned something from there. Upgrade your PC, like I'll do. Xbox games are too pricey. Whatever you buy, you'll have to upgrade it like every five years or so. But buying a PC and buying PC games will save lots of money. And the graphics of an XBOX does not even come close to the graphics of PC. I hope you got my point

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    lolzz... xbox360 upkeep is alot more expensive then ps3 as online is p2p.. ur not gonna play offline with mod r u now? tht ruins the game+ lots of new games tht r awsome only run on newest versions..

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    what ever you buy its all about money...gaming is a luxury item...if u wanna enjoy gaming on pc u have to spend big...if u wanna play on console u also have to spend on mod & gaming..its ur decision becouse its ur money

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