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Thread: to those who want to run DC universe online

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    Default to those who want to run DC universe online

    i finally finished downloading the game.. but saw that the game won't let me play on US server cuz of huge distance. so i tried EU, it is closer to bangladesh and so less lag.

    if u want the game file,i could set up a full download file for those who want it but has problem with the launcher download..

    also if u hapen to already play the game,pm me pls

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    I played it and deleted it. I love both MMORPG and DC comics. But I dont think its worth downloading. You have to fight against low AI bots. spaming skill and abilities will do the job. No fun for me . My super hero fan brother and me were completely pissed after killing the first boss.
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    lol tht was the tutorial hahaha. it gets rlly tough at lv30 and evrything... but deleted it as well cuz i got bored

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