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Thread: Map dota v6.74b is out

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    Default Map dota v6.74b is out

    Map DotA v6.74b update...Fix some bugs...Thank to Icefrog

    Changelogs v6.74b:
    * Fixed a rare bug that could cause Panda Brewmaster to not respawn after death
    * Fixed Ogre Magi keeping the Aghanims bonus after selling it
    * Fixed Aghanim's secondary Fireblast from being unable to target flying units
    * Fixed Flamebreak not interrupting channeling
    * Fixed Flamebreak affecting Magic Immune units
    * Fixed Fog of War in -sp mode
    * Fixed a rare chance for EMP to cause a suicide

    Download: Dota 6.74b

    Map dota v6.74b.w3x download

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