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Thread: All Type of PC Accessories & Monitors Buying Suggestion & Discussion

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    Default All Type of PC Accessories & Monitors Buying Suggestion & Discussion

    Discussion about Monitors & PC accessories (keyboard,mouse ,usb ,cable ,UPS,casing ,speaker ,headphone ,surge, protector,gaming gear,controllers,cooler ,psu ,ram)

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    Look like 27inch & Ultrawide 29inch is becoming new norm in high performance gaming .Recently ultrawide 29 inch price dropped to $250 in international market ,even some LG ultrawide 29inch is sold for $200 but don't see any price reduction in (55k) in bd .New ultrawide monitor will come in June Imported by our One & Only (sadly) Global Brand & They are hoping to sell those $250 ultrawide at price range of 60k .

    So if that Price range Continue then with Private importer even after giving 20% extra money & Weight & added 9k Price at air port still those same ultrawide will cost around 35k .So look like There are new oppotunity for bringing these monitors .so if any one want to try that then let me know .We really don't deserve to be victim of this kind of price crime ,we need to wake up & start importing product by our own
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    Use the Quick Tips thread for anything and everything buying related. This is unnecessary.

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