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Thread: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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    Cool Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Star Wars: TFU is a great game that delivers alot of what it promises. The first run through the game its hard to put down. The force powers are very fresh and new feeling while still familiar from other games such as Jedi Knight, JK2 and JK Academy.

    The major change here is the strength of the force while the other games lived up to your expectations of how the force should feel this game really steps that up a notch or two.

    If your a big star wars fan such as myself you should defiantly pick it up for no other reason than just filling in the story between episode 3 and 4 the story will not disappoint and it is very consistent with the Star Wars universe unlike games such as Star Wars Galaxies which falls VERY short of fitting in.

    The first time through you feel you could be more powerful, like you should pickup 4 storm troopers at a time and slam them all into a wall or over a cliff but they saved this for the replay.

    One good solid replay is about all you will want to play, levels like Felucia and the Junkyard (Raux Prime?) are very claustrophobic, its hard to find ALL the holocrons the 1st or 2nd time through and they can feel more like a grind than anything. But the boss battles at the end are VERY fulfilling and fun. Its really worth the grinds for the lightsaber duels at the ends of those levels.

    That being said, you will have a TON of fun running or walking through the gorgeous levels while storm troopers and others try to shoot at you to no avail until your close enough to slice them or harm their wonderful little intelligent euphoria AI bodies in a myriad of different ways.

    The lightsaber moves/combos at times do feel more like button mashing than any sort of strategy or method although there are few exceptions. So really its major focus is on the force powers and their combos.

    All in all a great game, however with KOTOR and KOTOR 2 we all are expecting WAYYYY more story and a much deeper involved game with much more customization. Story length and customization on JK, JK2 and JKA were far superior. If you have missed the JK and KOTOR series you missed something truly special in this genre.

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    Default Re: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    well ei game ta ami 360 te sesh korsi 1 week ago......bhaloi game ta.......arcade action....but last 2 ta boss mara chorom hard.......i give this game 8 out of 10.....

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