Hello guys,

I have been facing a weird problem in my laptop for the past 1 week. The laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 500 150ACZ. Bought barely 5 months ago from abroad. The main applications used in the laptop are Chrome, Google Drive, Skype, Illustrator, Photoshop and Bit Torrent. The laptop is connected via WiFi and we dont have any option to connect via Ethernet in the office. The issue is, the wireless adapter shows that the laptop is connected to the wifi but cant browse any website through any web browsers (tried chrome, ie, safari and mozilla). It remains connected to Skype though, but after a couple of hours skype gets disconnected as well. I tried connecting via mobile tethering but still same issue. Everything seems fine but internet wont work at all. This is just one computer that is troubling, we have similar laptops and others as well that are functioning perfectly. I repaired, reinstalled windows, tried win 8.1, and then again win 10 32bit/64bit but the problem comes back after a couple of day's usage. I tried googling and found many ways to solve this issue but none of them worked.

Please help