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Thread: [Guide] Definitive guide for buying Steam games vheaply

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    Default [Guide] Definitive guide for buying Steam games vheaply

    What is this?
    A guide for you to migrate your Steam account to India.


    Games are cheaper compared what you're likely paying now. e.g.
    Darksiders Franchise Pack:


    Deus Ex Mankind Divided:

    Is it safe? Will Valve ban my account?

    To tell you the truth I am not 100% sure if it's completely safe. But ban is unlikely I think. Asking around will probably net you zero result like me, so don't bother.

    So I could lose my account because of you?

    Like I said most unlikely. But this is the perfect opportunity for me to assert that "Whatever you do here, do it at your own digression. I will not take responsibility for any irreparable damage to your health or wealth." So if (and that's a biiiiig IF) you lose your account, that's on you.

    Did you fart this knowledge from thin air?

    No. My source(s) is the following:
    • Changing countries in Steam – a blog by an expat in China
    • Expats talking about the loophole in forum
    • Steam KB (Knowledge Base) about travelling/moving to different country
    • Steam KB about region restrictions


    You should read them up. But the gist of it is:
    • Changing the Steam account country (and adding address) to say China or India means you're declaring your permanent address there.

    • Steam will most likely treat you as an expat from that country in Bangladesh.

    • You can't change address frequently. 2 weeks cool down after every change.

    • Region-lock means just that, locked in a specific region. You can only play while living in the region. If you move, the game will be grayed out.

    • Steam Wallet is the safest payment method since it's not tied to any country. Other options (PayPal, credit/debit card, gift card) might be problematic.

    • Most games aren't region-locked when bought from the store (unlike gifting games). But if they are, the store page should reflect that. e.g.

    Ok. You convinced me. What do I do?

    Read on brother/sister.

    What you need:
    • A VPN tunneling application of your choosing
    I personally recommend SoftEther VPN with VPNGate plugin. SoftEther is only the software. VPNGate plugin of community has the list of free VPN servers
    • A working Steam account
    • A valid Indian address. Google it. House #, Street #, Division, City and most importantly the postal/zip code.
    • $5 or more Steam Wallet code if yours is a Limited User Account. If you're unfamiliar with the term read about it here

    1) If you're logged in to Steam, log out. Close Steam app from task manager or system tray. Don't just minimize/close to tray.

    2) Open your VPN application. Choose the Indian server. Connect.

    3) After connection establishes see google or IP tracker sites to check if you've a Indian IP.

    4) If successful in obtaining an Indian IP, proceed to 5).
    4a) If not successful, choose different server or choose a different VPN application.

    5) Open Steam app without logging in and check if the prices are now in Indian Rupees ( ₹ ) or not. This will ensure that the whole PC is being tunneled by the VPN app, not just the browser.

    6) Now log in to the Steam account.

    7) If you have a limited account skip to 10). If you have full privileged account read on.
    8) Go to Account > Account Details > Update Store Country.

    9) Write down the valid Indian address and continue. Voila!

    10) If you have a limited account and have read this link you know what to do. Redeem the $5 or more Steam Wallet code.

    11) A prompt about updating your billing address should pop up. Write down the aforementioned Indian address here and continue. Voila!

    I tried using your recommended SoftEther + VPNGate combo. Where's the Indian server on the list?

    The people(s) who own the server likes to turn it off every now and then it seems. Check back later.

    The download speed is atrociously slow!

    Yeah. IDK how many people are connected to the server at a time. Not recommended for downloading.

    I hate India! Don't ask why. Can I choose a different country? Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines perhaps?

    Uhh... Ok. Should be no problem. Do it at your own risk though.

    Anything else I need to know about?

    Nah. Like previously stated rarely games bought from store are region-locked. But if they are it's notified in the store page.
    Tomb Raider (2013):

    Dark Souls III :

    Rise of The Tomb Raider :

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided :

    If you want further confirmation which games are region-locked or not check out this guide.

    P.s. Wow! Prices of Dark Souls games are all over the place. That's uhhh... awkward.
    Dark Souls 1:

    Dark Souls 2:

    Dark Souls 3:
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