NVidia is said to be preparing another card in the GTX 560 line-up, this time a GTX 560 SE. We have previously seen GTX 560 (and OEM), GTX 560 Ti (and OEM) and GTX 560 Ti 448 cards. GTX 560 SE will have a salvaged GF114 based core, with 228 SP and 48 TMU.

The new graphics cards will have a reference clock speed of 776 MHz, giving a shader clock of 1552 MHz. It will have a 192-bit memory interface, running 1GB GDDR5 at 3828 MHz, which gives a memory bandwidth of 92 GHz.

Performance is expected to be similar to GTX 555 OEM cards, and VR-Zone put it in direct competition with Radeon HD 7770 for performance/price (but not for performance/watt), if it is priced around $150.

GTX 560 SE is likely to be in the retail market within weeks. Hopefully it'll be the last GTX 500 series GPU before Kepler.