AMD's Pitcairn GPUs, the last of the GCN line-up, are to be launched in March, according to sources at Digitimes. Radeon HD 7990, the highest end GCN model, is also expected but there are no release dates yet. The same source says that NVidia will be releasing the first of the Kepler line-up in April.

NVidia is said to be releasing at least 8 models in April, which will include GTX 690 (with a GK110 core), GTX 660 (GK104) and GTX 640 (GK106). If this is true, it will be an usual move as manufacturers don't usually release an entire product line-up at one time.

The source also says that Ivy Bridge won't be getting launched until after April, although other sources say it's only the mobile Ivy Bridge that will be delayed. It's unlikely that this will affect GPU sales as most people buying the higher end desktop processors don't use the integrated GPU.