The sequel to Batman: Arkham City hasn't been announced, nor hinted at, but that's not stopping everyone talking about the possibilities. OPMUK took it upon themselves to quiz Rocksteady's Game Director: Sefton Hill on the possible sequel and its location.

OPM You’ve gone from an asylum to a sectioned-off part of Gotham. Is the next natural step to give players the whole of Gotham to explore?

Sefton Hill: What, like Batman: Universe? [Laughs] Well, it’s never a specific goal of ours just to make a bigger game. It was just a specific goal to try to make a better game. If we felt that a better game would have been focused on just Batman and one other character, then that’s what we’d make. There’s not necessarily an exponential explosion in terms of game scale, it’s purely just what we think will make the best title.